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Farmers call for support of eminent domain compensation bill

RICHMOND—The Virginia Farm Bureau Federation is urging the state Senate to support a bill that would order courts to take into account any restriction, change or loss of access to property when assessing damages with regard to eminent domain compensation.

HB652, sponsored by Del. Ward L. Armstrong, D-Martinsville, has made its way through the House of Delegates and into the Senate.

“There currently is an inconsistency in how compensation is determined,” explained Trey Davis, VFBF political education and legislative specialist. “Our members have for years spoken up for just compensation in instances of eminent domain, and when you’re farming a piece of property, you obviously need ready and frequent access to it. Having to build a new road or lengthen an existing road to have continued access to your land is an expensive undertaking.”

HB652, he said, “offers long-term safeguards for fair compensation. We believe this is in the best interest of all Virginians who own property.”
Contact Davis at 804-290-1017.


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