Virginia drivers’ odds of a collision with a deer are 1 in 97, compared to the national odds of 1 in 169.
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Harvest activities are escalating, and along with the traditional corn, soybeans, peanuts and cotton, a few Virginia farmers are bringing in slightly more unusual crops.
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The U.S. Department of Agriculture released findings of its most recent survey of organic farms on Sept. 17. 
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The world’s largest horseshoe, certified by Guinness World Records, is an exact replica of a racing shoe worn by Virginia-born Triple Crown champion Secretariat. 


Every bedroom needs a working smoke alarm. That’s why “Hear the Beep Where You Sleep” is the theme of this year's National Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 4-10.
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Virginia is one of nine states projected to have record-breaking corn yields for 2015, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
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Preserving fruits and vegetables is a time-honored tradition, and so is winning a blue-ribbon at the State Fair of Virginia.
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Students visiting the State Fair of Virginia as part of its Educational Exposition field trip program will have the opportunity to make a connection between wheat and bread, corn and cereal, cotton and jeans and much more.


The public weigh-in for the State Fair of Virginia Giant Pumpkin Contest and Giant Watermelon Contest will take place at noon on Sept. 26 in the fair’s Harvest Landing area. Winning entries will remain on display throughout the fair’s 10-day run.
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It’s almost time for sweaters, scarves and warm, roaring fires. Before lighting up your fireplace this fall, remember to have your chimney cleaned and inspected.
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Virginia’s wild ginseng harvest has begun, and state officials have stepped up regulation of the valuable root.
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Farmers and rural residents without high-speed Internet access are quickly being left behind in this digital age.
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Fall is one of the busiest times for farmers to move harvesting equipment on public roads, a fact Virginia Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmers Program participants would like to drive home with visitors to the State Fair of Virginia.


The Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom program wants to recognize Virginia teachers who successfully incorporate agriculture into their core lessons.


Fall is traditionally apple season in Virginia, and many more Virginia-grown apples are now being sold directly to consumers instead of to processing plants for juice and sauce.
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The newest addition to the interpretive program at Henricus Historical Park in Chesterfield County is a Tamworth pig named Cordelia, thanks to Chesterfield Farm Bureau.
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Like many old rural buildings, tobacco curing barns often are left to collapse from old age. But unlike other old barns, tobacco barns also represent a business and a way of life that shaped Virginia for centuries.
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State Fair of Virginia visitors stopping at Virginia Farm Bureau Federation’s booth will be able to get some hands-on learning about the state’s largest industry: agriculture.
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