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This year’s net income for American farmers has exceeded $100 billion for the fourth time since 1973.
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A Rockingham County poultry grower is hoping his pioneering test of a poultry litter furnace could change the industry forever. Glenn Rodes installed the innovative burner in March, and already it’s producing both fertilizer ash and heat on his farm.
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Miniature silky fainting goats are nosing their way into the hearts of goat farmers across the country. The unique breed of show goats got its start in Virginia at Renee Orr’s Sol-Orr Farm in Culpeper County.
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While commercially made eggnog is available as early as mid-October, some families still prefer to celebrate the season with a homemade version.
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A team of reporters at The Roanoke Times has claimed the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation’s top journalism honor, the coveted Ishee-Quann Award, and have been named co-winners in the daily newspaper category of the organization’s 2013 Journalism Awards.


If you’re looking for a unique gift to please someone’s palate this holiday season, head straight to your local farmers’ market. More and more markets are staying open through the Christmas shopping season.


As of mid-November, Virginia has agricultural trade offices in eight locations around the world.
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More than 300 head of beef cattle at Burning Daylight Farm in Albemarle County spend their days lazily grazing. But on a hill overlooking the farm a magnificent stone barn remains from the farm’s previous focus, Thoroughbred racehorses.
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Virginia’s Agriculture in the Classroom program has selected What’s in the Garden?, written by Marianne Berkes and illustrated by Cris Arbo, as its 2014 Virginia AITC Book of the Year.
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