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A study in the January issue of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal found that the number of U.S. foodborne illnesses caused by unpasteurized milk increased from 30 between 2007 and 2009 to 51 between 2010 and 2012.
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The nation’s largest agricultural organization has voiced support for President Obama’s move toward normalized relations between the United States and Cuba. The process is expected to facilitate expanded U.S. farm exports to Cuba.
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Apples are delicious for snacks, pies, applesauce and, once again, for drinking. 
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Several descendants of Triple Crown champion Secretariat are in the running for Thoroughbred racing’s most prestigious awards.
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Virginia Farm Bureau Federation volunteer leaders will speak with state legislators about issues of interest to the commonwealth’s farmers during the organization’s annual Legislative Day on Jan. 29.


Beef has periodically gotten a bad rap, but a speaker at an upcoming series of forage and grassland seminars believes beef is the real health food.
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Twenty-five sessions and 2,250 minutes of learning are all rolled into 37.5 hours of information at the 16th Annual Virginia Biological Farming Conference.
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Until a few years ago, the Christmas holiday usually meant the end of the season for farmers’ markets across the state. They often wouldn’t reopen until mid-May.


On a recent WWBT TV 12 news segment, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation representatives explained that genetically modified crops are no different from conventional crops.

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U.S. milk production is up nearly 4 percent from a year ago, and so is production per cow and the size of the nation’s collective dairy herd.
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Virginia’s Agriculture in the Classroom program has named My Virginia Plate, written by Tammy Maxey and illustrated by Kevin Pitts and Greg Cravens, its 2015 Virginia AITC Book of the Year.


Virginia representatives will join more than 5,000 Farm Bureau members from across the nation in helping shape policies important to farmers and ranchers Jan. 11-14 at the 2015 American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention.


Moonshine has come a long way, from the hills and hollows of Appalachia to the front and center of Virginia’s fast-growing artisanal spirits industry.
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Several descendants of Triple Crown champion Secretariat are in the running for Thoroughbred racing’s most prestigious awards. 
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Today’s all-terrain vehicles have come a long way from the original three-wheel models and are a lot safer to ride. But dealers and users remind new owners that safety is still every user’s responsibility.


Farmers in Mecklenburg County raised money for Virginia’s Agriculture in the Classroom program this year by doing what they do best—farming.


The U.S. Senate is expected to move forward with legislation that cleared the House of Representatives last week for retroactive tax extenders.


What needs to happen for Americans to value fresh, healthy, local food more?
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Pulaski Grow, an aquaponics business established in Pulaski County to provide youth job training opportunities, is among four finalists for the first-ever Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge.
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One of Virginia’s oldest land conservation options has proven to be a valuable tool for farmers and other landowners seeking to protect their property from development.
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The American Farm Bureau Federation, the nation’s largest farm organization, has voiced displeasure with President Obama’s immigration reform initiative.


Virginia tobacco farmers have lived through enormous marketing changes in the past 30 years, and more change is coming. About the only constant has been that tobacco is still an extremely valuable crop that’s worth the time and effort to grow.
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Neither cold, rain, sleet, snow nor nightfall stops Carlos and Sherrie Taylor from getting their Christmas trees harvested and shipped to their customers.
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Shelley and Joe Barlow and their son, Joey, grow about 400 acres of cotton. On a particularly good day, they can harvest about 50 acres.
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