Your Career in Agriculture

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Are you considering a career in agriculture? If so, you could fill one of more than 50,000 jobs available every year in the food, agricultural and natural resources system.

An agriculture career does not always involve production farming. In fact, only 10 percent of the more than 20 million people who work in the agriculture field are traditional farmers. The rest are employed in more than 200 other agriculture-related careers.

Agriculture is science-based, high-tech and offers a variety of career possibilities, including animal and plant researchers, food scientists, nutritionists, commodity brokers, market analysts, forest managers, agricultural journalists, bankers, sales professionals, food processors, wildlife specialists and much more.

Career resources

The following links can help you search for the agriculture career that's just right for you.

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School of Agriculture

Virginia Tech

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Virginia Tech Career Services

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School of Natural Sciences and Mathmatics

Dabney Lancaster Community College

Forest Management Technology 


North Carolina A&T State University Down to Earth

Penn State Explore Food Science

National Ag Day --Careers

University of Kentucky-- Agripedia

USDA National Agriculture Library

USDA Living Science

AgriCareers, Inc.

FFA Ag Career Explorer

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture

America's Career InfoNet

Agriculture in the Classroom

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