Marketing Trends

Grain Market Planning

If you are a Farm Bureau producer member, we can help implement your grain marketing plans to ensure the highest return for Virginia-grown grain. Dairy and livestock producers can purchase a variety of competitively priced feed grains and feed ingredients, all delivered directly to the farm. Producers who rely on truck freight to transport commodities and supplies can access freight for both sales and purchases.

Risk Management

Free risk management planning assistance is available to help members improve farm income and maintain equity. Agriculture enterprise development can assist members in the formation of groups and organizations necessary to develop alternative and value-added markets and agribusiness ownership.

Market Analysis

Commodity Comments is a weekly newsletter designed to provide agricultural producers with an analysis of current market trends. Want to receive Commodity Comments by e-mail? Contact Farm Bureau Market Analyst Jonah Bowles.

Have a Question?

If you have a question, you're welcome to contact our commodity marketing staff.

Watch This!
Public buying trends have emphasized local foods in recent years. But farm exports are a vital and growing part of the state’s farm economy.