Types of Membership

Producer Member

A producer member is an actual farming member of the organization. Only producer members can serve in positions of leadership. All of the major decisions of Farm Bureau are made by working farmers.

County Farm Bureaus determine which members are producer members. It is generally a member who sells agricultural products on a commercial basis or who owns farmland.

The privileges of voting and participating in leadership roles also carries the responsibility for producer members to be active in Farm Bureau. Farm Bureau strength, and thereby the strength of farmers, can be gained only through active participation.

Associate Member

An associate member is any citizen, firm or organization who shares Farm Bureau's rural philosophy and is interested in the advancement of agriculture, and who is accepted for membership by the county Farm Bureau.

Associate members have the same rights as producer members, except for the right to vote or hold office.

This doesn't mean that associate members are not wanted or needed. Quite the contrary. Because of associate members, Farm Bureau is stronger and more effective.

Farmers make up only 2 percent of the U.S. population; however, if farmers are going to continue providing the nation and world with a wide variety of top-quality food at low prices, the farmer needs friends and allies such as associate members.

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