YF Legislative Activities

The primary reason Farm Bureau exists is to be the voice of Virginia farmers. Young Farmers can help strengthen the legislative and political effectiveness of Farm Bureau by participating in the Farm Bureau Public Affairs program, including policy development, policy implementation and political education.

Policy Development

  • Surface issues for consideration by county resolutions committee.
  • Serve on county resolution committee.
  • Attend District Policy Development Meetings in July.
  • Participate in annual meeting and speak on the resolutions.
  • Volunteer to serve as voting delegate, if elected.

Policy Implementation

  • Attend Senatorial District meetings in December.
  • Volunteer to testify on particular issues at the General Assembly and at local board of supervisors' meetings.
  • Communicate regularly on issues and legislation with county supervisors, state delegates and senators, congressmen and U.S. senators.
  • Attend the Congressional District Meeting each spring.
  • Call Dial-A-Tape at 1-800-277-0307 which is updated Tuesday and Friday after 5 p.m. during General Assembly session.
  • Participate in the congressional trip to Washington.

Political Education

  • Assist in voter registration projects.
  • Participate in “get out the vote” activities.
  • Encourage individual participation in campaigns and in a political party.
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