About Young Farmers Committee

The Farm Bureau Young Farmers Committee is an integral part of the Farm Bureau organizational structure on the county, state and national levels.

  • Farm Bureau members ages 18 to 35 are eligible to serve on Young Farmers committees (Varies according to county Farm Bureau rules). 

  • State Young Farmers Committee members are appointed by the Virginia Farm Bureau president. 

  • State Young Farmers Committee members serve one-year terms and can serve four consecutive terms in 14 state districts. 

  • Young Farmers Committee members plan for recruitment of new Young Farmers, plan and host annual events, conduct statewide contests and work toward increased involvement in Farm Bureau's grassroots process. 

  • Committee members meet four to five times per year for planning and events and hold a conference call each month. In addition, members address issues through subcommittee meetings held primarily by teleconference or email each month. 

  • Young Farmers Committee members often hold offices in county Farm Bureaus as Young Farmers chairmen, women’s committee chairmen, county board members, county presidents or various committee chairmen. 

  • At the county level, county Young Farmers chairmen give a report of Young Farmers committee accomplishments at the county annual meeting. 

  • County Young Farmers committees and groups work on local issues and help county Farm Bureau boards with agriculture education and outreach to the public, among other activities that are important locally. 
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