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Donating clunkers can help teach students about agriculture

RICHMOND—Donating old, unusable farm equipment, trucks, cars, boats and other vehicles can help educate children in Virginia elementary schools about agriculture.

Through the Virginia Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom’s Clunkers for Classrooms program, donated vehicles help raise money for agriculture-related books, maps and other teacher resources.

AITC is a national program that promotes understanding of agriculture through education. The Virginia Foundation for AITC is a nonprofit affiliate of Virginia Farm Bureau Federation.

“I donated my 2001 Toyota Highlander,” said AITC board member Joe Koch, who was the first donor. “Without the hassle of trying to sell the vehicle and have folks tell me why it wasn’t worth what I was asking, I was able to make a $3,700 donation to AITC and keep the trailer hitch!”

Koch said he purchased the vehicle for business use and eventually gave it first to his daughter to drive and then to his son. “After 310,000 miles, two wrecks and lots of memories, we decided it was time to let it go.”

A few days after he called to donate, a local wrecker service picked up the Highlander at his home. A month later he received a letter telling him what it sold for at auction and what his AITC donation amount would be.

“There’s no better way to get that clunker out of your driveway and support agriculture education,” he said.

To donate, call 877-99-AG-CAR (877-992-4227) to speak to a representative of the AITC vehicle donation program, or email Donations also can be made on the AITC website at

Contact Karen Davis, AITC executive director, or Parke Sterling, AITC development coordinator, at 804-290-1144.
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