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Virginia saw decrease in farm work-related deaths in 2013

RICHMOND—Nine lives were reported lost due to farm work-related accidents in 2013 in Virginia—one less than in 2012.

Unspecified tractor or equipment incidents resulted in two deaths; tractor overturns accounted for two; incidents involving animals accounted for two; tractor runovers accounted for one; an all-terrain vehicle accident while performing farm work resulted in one; and a fall from a hay loft accounted for one, according to unofficial statistics from Virginia Farm Bureau.

For the past 19 years, deaths resulting from tractor incidents have accounted for the majority of farm accident fatalities that Farm Bureau has documented.

“These statistics are an important reminder that when working on the farm it is so important to take a few extra minutes to make sure you are operating as safely as possible,” said Sam Rooks, vice president of underwriting and policy services for Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. “Being cautious will save you so much more in the long run.”

According to Farm Bureau’s cumulative findings since 1994, 109 people have died when their tractors overturned; 63 were involved in unspecified tractor or equipment mishaps; and 50 were run over by tractors or other farm equipment. The remaining 65 fatalities were attributed to incidents while operating farm equipment on public roads and to incidents involving animals or ATVs.

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