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Ag groups join coalition urging Congress to pass farm bill

WASHINGTON—The American Farm Bureau Federation has united with more than 35 other agricultural organizations to urge Congressional lawmakers to pass a five-year farm bill before the current programs expire this month.

“The farm bill applies to so much more than just farms, and it basically touches every American,” said Virginia Farm Bureau Federation President Wayne F. Pryor. “We support AFBF and the Farm Bill Now coalition in their efforts to get this legislation passed.”

The coalition said calling the bill a “farm bill” suggests its impact is limited to farms and rural areas. It’s really a jobs bill, a food bill, a conservation bill, a research bill, an energy bill and a trade bill.

“The farm bill affects our nation’s ability to provide the necessities of life for a global population projected to pass 9 billion by 2050,” coalition members said in a statement on “Here at home, it affects an industry that provides 23 million—or one in every 12—American jobs.

“The farm bill has broad impact on our citizens and our economy. It provides healthy foods to millions of schoolchildren and nutritious options to families in need. By significantly reducing spending compared to prior farm bills, the proposals pending right now in Congress address the need to get our nation’s fiscal house in order.”

And, of course, Pryor noted, “the farm bill benefits American farmers who produce food and fiber for the citizens of our commonwealth and our country.”

The Farm Bill Now website includes key points about the proposed 2012 Farm Bill and reasons why immediate action is critical. It also makes it easy for farmers, ranchers and consumers to tell their lawmakers how important the legislation is to them.

The coalition is asking all Americans to encourage legislators—home for summer town hall meetings and speeches—to finish the legislation before the current bill expires.

Contact Patrick Delaney, Farm Bill Now, at 202-969-7040, ext. 16.


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