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The year’s most romantic holiday is quickly approaching, and Virginia wineries are offering alternatives to the traditional Valentine’s Day dinner out.
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Lauren Arbogast of Rockingham County has been named Virginia’s Agriculture in the Classroom Teacher of the Year.


Everyone can be a hero for honey bees by adding plants that are bee-friendly to a home garden or landscape.
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A new resource guide developed by the American Farm Bureau Federation and the Farmer Veteran Coalition Partnership is now available.
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As Valentine’s Day approaches, thoughts naturally turn to matters of the heart. For fans of Virginia native and Triple Crown winner Secretariat, that has a two-fold meaning. 
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Virginia’s oldest and most powerful economic sector now has a development fund, and the latest round of planning grants to help spur business activity in the countryside were announced late last year.


Farmers will learn about the latest in no-till farming during annual winter conferences sponsored by the Virginia No-Till Alliance, Virginia Cooperative Extension and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.
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Nine lives were reported lost due to farm work-related accidents in 2013 in Virginia—one less than in 2012.
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The Virginia wine industry has earned plenty of national and international accolades in recent years, but the amount of grapes being raised in the Old Dominion has remained relatively flat.
Posted in: Wine was created to answer consumers’ questions about foods that are genetically modified organisms.
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The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture presented its seventh annual Book of the Year award to Laurie Krebs of Williamsburg for her book The Beeman, which introduces young readers to bees, beekeeping and the pollination process.


County Farm Bureau leaders from across Virginia will speak with state legislators about issues of interest to farmers during Virginia Farm Bureau Federation’s annual Legislative Day on Jan. 23. The event’s theme will be “Ask Me About My Farm.”


County Farm Bureau leaders from across Virginia will speak with state legislators about issues of interest to farmers during Virginia Farm Bureau Federation’s annual Legislative Day on Jan. 23. The event’s theme will be “Ask Me About My Farm.”


American farmers and ranchers are again setting their sights on a new federal farm bill.


Plant diseases have no regard for history or tradition, and unchecked boxwood blight could change the look of many home gardens and historic sites in Virginia.
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The Virginia Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom recently received a $5,000 grant from The Arthur W. Perdue Foundation and will use the money to fund educational initiatives during the 2013-2014 school year.


In the past seven years farmers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed have reduced nitrogen losses from their fields by 26 percent and phosphorus runoff by 46 percent, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
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Nestled in the mountains of Southwest Virginia is a family farm unlike any other in the region. The Wagner family started their egg business there more than 50 years ago, and now the Green Valley Poultry Farm is among the largest egg-producing farms in Virginia. 
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Cornell University and the New York Apple Growers have developed two new apple varieties, SnapDragon and RubyFrost, that have undergone a year of rigorous consumer testing as NY1 and NY2.
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Virginia representatives will join more than 5,000 Farm Bureau members from across the nation in helping shape policies important to farmers and ranchers Jan. 12-15 at the 2014 American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention.


This year’s net income for American farmers has exceeded $100 billion for the fourth time since 1973.
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A Rockingham County poultry grower is hoping his pioneering test of a poultry litter furnace could change the industry forever. Glenn Rodes installed the innovative burner in March, and already it’s producing both fertilizer ash and heat on his farm.
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Miniature silky fainting goats are nosing their way into the hearts of goat farmers across the country. The unique breed of show goats got its start in Virginia at Renee Orr’s Sol-Orr Farm in Culpeper County.
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While commercially made eggnog is available as early as mid-October, some families still prefer to celebrate the season with a homemade version.
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A team of reporters at The Roanoke Times has claimed the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation’s top journalism honor, the coveted Ishee-Quann Award, and have been named co-winners in the daily newspaper category of the organization’s 2013 Journalism Awards.


If you’re looking for a unique gift to please someone’s palate this holiday season, head straight to your local farmers’ market. More and more markets are staying open through the Christmas shopping season.


As of mid-November, Virginia has agricultural trade offices in eight locations around the world.
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More than 300 head of beef cattle at Burning Daylight Farm in Albemarle County spend their days lazily grazing. But on a hill overlooking the farm a magnificent stone barn remains from the farm’s previous focus, Thoroughbred racehorses.
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Virginia’s Agriculture in the Classroom program has selected What’s in the Garden?, written by Marianne Berkes and illustrated by Cris Arbo, as its 2014 Virginia AITC Book of the Year.


Virginia’s shellfish aquaculture industry continues to grow—especially the intensive farming of native oysters.
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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency is reminding farmers and ranchers who participate in FSA programs to plan accordingly in the 2014 fiscal year for automatic spending reductions known as sequestration.


Virginia’s Agriculture in the Classroom program is accepting nominations for its 2014 Teacher of the Year award.


It’s hard to find a simpler and more personal way to decorate your home for the holidays than with evergreen trimmings from your yard or garden.
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The two-word slogan that raised consumer awareness of the health benefits of milk marked its 20th birthday last month.
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As combines roared across Virginia cornfields this fall, farmers enjoyed good weather and great yields.
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The formal U.S. Thanksgiving holiday dates to 1863, but Americans celebrated the harvest season and gave thanks for their blessings long before then. The food at a celebratory meal in Colonial Virginia depended on the year’s harvest and participants’ social status.
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Members of the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation are gearing up to discuss critical issues with state legislators in order to bring them up to speed in time for the 2014 General Assembly.


Milwaukee city officials have announced that road crews will test a mixture of cheese brine and rock salt on some icy streets this winter.
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Turkey is gobbled up during holiday meals every year, but purchasing the bird and cooking it is still a mystery for some home cooks.
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Virginia’s wine industry generates $747 million for the state’s economy. According to a 2012 report released by Gov. Bob McDonnell’s office, that figure is more than twice a 2005 estimate of how much the industry would grow in seven years.
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Summer is definitely over, and autumn is advancing toward winter but access to fresh Virginia-grown products is in fine fall form.


Virginians will be able to feed their families a Thanksgiving meal for a little more than $5 per person this year, according to an informal price survey conducted by the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation.
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Poultry and livestock farmers declared victory Oct. 24 when a federal court ruled in favor of West Virginia poultry farmer Lois Alt in a lawsuit she brought against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
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Virginia’s oldest and most powerful economic sector now has a development fund, and the latest round of planning grants to help spur business activity in rural parts of the state recently were announced.
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The King and Queen Farmers’ Market that opened this summer on state Route 33 is situated to attract both permanent and weekend residents of Virginia’s Middle Peninsula.


The consensus of a research review of 1,783 scientific studies of genetically modified crops has determined that those foods are as safe as, or safer than, conventional or organic foods.
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Nothing says autumn like a tastefully arranged display of pumpkins, a few corn stalks and a bale of hay or straw by the front door. And unlike any other outdoor seasonal decorations, you can consume some of that fall décor when it’s time to flip the switch on the Christmas lights.
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Thirty-one public and private schools and 38 teachers have been adopted as part of the Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom Adopt-A-Teacher and Adopt-A-School programs.


Nearly 150 runners and walkers turned out on a cool morning for the second annual State Fair Stampede 5K and 10K on Oct. 5 during the State Fair of Virginia.


It’s almost Halloween, which means it’s not too early to start thinking about where to buy a fresh Virginia-grown Christmas tree.

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