2013 AgPAC Endorsements


Ken T. Cuccinelli II (R)

Lieutenant Governor

Ralph S. Northam (D)

Attorney General

Mark D. Obenshain (R)

Endorsed House of Delegate Candidates

1st District Terry Kilgore* (R)

2nd District Mark Dudenhefer* (R)

3rd District Will Morefield* (R)

4th District Ben Chafin (R)

5th District Israel O'Quinn* (R)

6th District Jonathan McGrady (D)

7th District Nick Rush* (R)

8th District Greg Habeeb* (R)

9th District Charles Poindexter* (R)

10th District Randy Minchew* (R)

11th District Onzlee Ware* (D)

12th District Joseph Yost* (R)

14th District Danny Marshall* (R)

15th District Todd Gilbert* (R)

16th District Les Adams (R)

17th District Christopher Head*(R)

18th District Michael Webert* (R)

19th District Terry L Austin (R)

20th District Dickie Bell* (R)

21st District Ron Villanueva* (R)

22nd District Kathy Byron* (R)

23rd District Scott Garrett* (R)

24th District Ben Cline* (R)

25th District Steve Landes*(R)

26th District Tony Wilt* (R)

27th District Roxann Robinson* (R)

28th District Bill Howell* (R)

30th District Ed Scott* (R)

32nd District Tag Greason* (R)

33rd District Mary Daniel (D)

34th District Barbara Comstock* (R)

35th District Mark Keam* (D)

36th District Ken Plum* (D)

37th District David Bulova* (D)

40th District Tim Hugo* (R)

41st District Eileen Filler-Corn* (D)

42nd District Dave Albo* (R)

43rd District Mark Sickles* (D)

50th District Jackson Miller* (R)

51st District Rich Anderson* (R)

52nd District Luke Torian* (D)

53rd District Marcus Simon (D)

54th District Bobby Orrock* (R)

55th District Buddy Fowler (R)

56th District Peter Farrell* (R)

57th District David Toscano* (D)

58th District Rob Bell* (R)

59th District Matt Fariss* (R)

60th District James Edmunds* (R)

61st District Tommy Wright* (R)

62nd District Riley Ingram* (R)

63rd District Rosalyn Dance* (D)

64th District Rick Morris* (R)

65th District Lee Ware* (R)

66th District Kirk Cox* (R)

67th District Jim LeMunyon* (R)

68th District Manoli Loupassi* (R)

69th District Betsy Carr* (D)

70th District Delores McQuinn*(D)

72nd District Jimmie Massie* (R)

73rd District John O'Bannon* (R)

74th District Joe Morrissey* (D)

75th District Roslyn Tyler* (D)

76th District Chris Jones* (R)

77th District Lionell Spruill, Sr* (D)

78th District James A Leftwich, Jr (R)

79th District Johnny Joannou* (D)

80th District Matthew James* (D)

81st District Barry Knight* (R)

82nd District Bill DeSteph (R)

83rd District Chris Stolle*(R)

84th District Glenn Davis (R)

85th District Scott Taylor (R)

86th District Tom Rust* (R)

87th District John Bell (D)

88th District Mark Cole* (R)

89th District Daun Hester* (D)

90th District Algie Howell* (D)

91st District Gordon Helsel* (R)

92nd District Jeion Ward* (D)

93rd District Mike Watson* (R)

94th District David Yancey* (R)

95th District Mamye BaCote* (D)

96th District Brenda Pogge* (R)

97th District Chris Peace* (R)

98th District Keith Hodges* (R)

99th District Margaret Ransone* (R)

100th District Lynwood Lewis* (D)


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Please read: Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC endorses Cuccinelli, Northam, Obenshain

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